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Zona Ring-

Metal: 14K Gold Filled

Handmade in the US -

Proudly handmade in-house by skilled artisans who love making jewelry.

Lifetime Guarantee -

Leave the repairs to us, and wear your jewelry worry free.

Carbon Neutral -

We offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated to make and ship this product.

Materials Made to Last -

Made with high quality materials so your jewelry can stay on your body and out of the trash.

Product Details

Found the perfect ring, but don't know your ring size? Don't worry! We have an easy way you can find out right now in the comfort of your own home.
Method 1:
Things you'll need:
1. String or tape. Floss will work too!
2. A marker or pen.
3. A ruler (preferably with centimeters).
Step 1
Take the tape (or string) and wrap it around your finger where you want to wear your ring. Make one full wrap around your finger, and make sure its not too tight. It should feel comfortable, or even a little bit on the looser side.
Step 2
Once you've found the perfect fit, use the market (or pen) to mark the spot exactly where the tap or string begins to overlap. Then remove the tape (or string) from you finger.
Step 3
Use the ruler to centimeter side of the ruler to measure from the end of the of the tape (or string) to the mark you made with your marker. This number will give you your ring size in centimeters!
Step 4
All KOZAKH rings come in USA ring sizes. Use this chart to find your US ring size.
Look for your ring size in centimeters in the justify column. Once you've found it, look in the right column to see the corresponding ring size in US measurements.
You might not find an exact match, but that's ok! If you're in between sizes, we typically recommend going up in size rather then down, as fingers tend to swell throughout the day.
We hope this was helpful! If you learn easier with videos, there are a ton of videos on youtube that will show you how to do this as well. Just search "how to find out my ring size," and you'll have plenty of videos to choose from.
Now, go find your dream ring!✨
14K Gold Filled & Sterling Silver
KOZAKH is our Demi-Fine jewelry line, sustainably handmade in 14K Gold Filled and solid Sterling Silver. 14K Gold Filled is made by pressure bonding a thick layer of 14K Gold to a brass core. The gold layer is 100x thicker than Gold Plating, and 20x thicker than Vermeil. It is the best alternative to solid 14K Gold. You can wear your Gold Filled jewelry 24/7 for decades without worrying about tarnishing or the gold layer wearing off, and it is easy and safe to clean! Learn more about all the different types of gold used in jewelry making here.
All KOZAKH 14K Gold Filled & Sterling Silver Jewelry comes with a Lifetime Warranty!
Gold Plated

KZK is our most affordable jewelry line. Our Gold Plating is 10x thicker than the industry standard, so you can expect to get a long life out of your KZK jewelry when cared for properly. The base metal is pure Jeweler's Brass. Gold Plated jewelry requires special care and cleaning. Check out our Jewelry Care Guide to learn how to get the most out of your Gold Plated jewelry. Learn more about all the different types of gold used in jewelry making here.

All KZK Gold Plated/Bonded Jewelry comes with a 1 Year Quality Guarantee!

Looking for a higher quality alternative with a Lifetime Warranty?
Shop KOZAKH Demi-Fine Jewelry & KOZAKH Fine Jewelry

Solid 14K Gold & 14K White Gold

KOZAKH Fine Jewelry is our premier jewelry line that is sustainably handmade in solid 14K Gold, which means you can wear your pieces forever without worrying about tarnishing or any signs of wear. 14K Gold is considered the best metal to use for Fine Jewelry because of its excellent durability and gorgeous color. We use our highest quality gemstones, like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires on our KOZAKH Fine Jewelry pieces. Learn more about all the different types of gold used in jewelry making here.

All KOZAKH Fine 14K Gold Jewelry comes with a Lifetime Warranty!
KZK Jewelry is designed by our in-house designer, Cyntia Kozak Fisher, and manufactured by our Fair Trade Certified partner factories. These factories are strictly vetted to ensure they have safe working conditions and competitive wages for their employees, as well as environmental standards that limit pollution.

On top of that, we offset all of the carbon emissions that are generated to create our jewelry.  

Our factory partners are some of the best in the business, with decades of experience producing high quality fashion jewelry. You will love the quality and affordability of our KZK line! 

If you’re looking for products that are Handmade in the USA, check out our Demi-Fine jewelry line,KOZAKH, and our Fine jewelry line, KOZAKH Fine Jewelry!

Sustainably and Ethically Handmade in the USA

From the first sketch to the final touch, every piece of KOZAKH Jewelry is proudly designed and handmade in the US. Our materials are ethically sourced from Fair Trade suppliers so that you can love how your jewelry looks, and how it's made. Once we get your order, one of our skilled artisans will begin crafting your new jewelry by hand, making sure it meets all of our quality standards. It will then be packaged in a cute reusable felt pouch (perfect for gift giving), and begin its journey to you!

We believe that every business has the responsibility to take care of our neighborhoods, communities, and our planet. Let's be real - wearing something you know hurt the environment or exploited low wage workers just doesn't feel good, and it's not something our global community can continue doing if we want to keep life on our planet thriving. That's why we have made sustainable practices an essential part of our day to day here at KOZAKH. You can feel good knowing the jewelry you put on your body is made sustainably by our use of carbon offsets, zero waste manufacturing, recycling, and much more. 

Read all about our sustainable practices here.

We want you to have the very best experience wearing your jewelry, that’s why all KZK jewelry comes with a 1 year Quality Guarantee that covers almost everything! If something happens to your jewelry, all you need to do is contact us, and ship your jewelry to our studio.

In most cases we’ll fix or replace it for free. So go live your best life, and wear your jewelry the whole time! If you’re looking for jewelry that comes with a Lifetime Quality Guarantee, check out our Demi-Fine jewelry line, KOZAKH, and our Fine jewelry line, KOZAKH Fine Jewelry!

We believe your jewelry should be made to last forever, and that you should be able to wear your favorite pieces everyday without worrying about them getting damaged. That’s why we choose materials like 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver that are tarnish resistant and won’t lose their color. We back this up with a Lifetime Warranty that covers almost everything. If something happens, all you need to do is contact us, and ship your jewelry to our studio. In most cases, we’ll fix or replace it for free. So go live your best life, and wear your jewelry the whole time!

Things we don’t cover include lost or stolen jewelry, and jewelry that has been clearly mishandled. For example, if you lose your necklace in the jacuzzi and find it in the filter a month later and it's not looking 100% (ahem... true story). But, we know how sucky that feels, so even if something like that happens, just let us know. Our solutions to these kinds of problems usually surprise our customers (in a good way)!

Thank you so much for wearing KOZAKH Jewelry!

Did you know that 1 mature tree converts 40 pounds of CO2 into oxygen every year? 

Sustainability has always been one of the core focusses of our company. Companies today have a huge responsibility to be proactive in reducing carbon and slowing climate change. We don’t just believe it's possible to create amazing products without harming the environment, we believe it’s essential. That’s why we started The KOZAKH Forest Project, which aims to plant 1 or more trees for every piece of jewelry sold!

In addition to continuing to produce our products with low waste and low carbon emissions, and offsetting our carbon footprint using carbon credits, we will also be employing the help of Mother Nature's natural defense against CO2, a.k.a trees, to help combat climate change. With your help, we aim to plant 100,000 tress by the end of 2023!

Our trees are being planted in several locations around the world, in areas that have been greatly affected by logging, mining, deforestation, over cultivation, and other types of degradation. The forests will not only produce trees that will help rebalance the ecosystem, they will also produce jobs for local workers, as well as better water quality for surrounding communities. We hope you’ll join us in an effort to combat climate change and keep the world healthy. We love living here, and we know you do too!

Check out our progress here:

Trees Planted to Date

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KOZAKH’s default shipping method is the United States Postal Service. Everything on the site is made to order, please allow 2 to 3 business day for us to make your jewels.

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Please Note: These delivery timeframes do not include the production time and only cover time in transit. If your order is time sensitive, please email us so we can further assist in expediting your order if possible.

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All international orders are shipped via DHL. Shipping rates are calculated on the basis of destination and weight of package. All additional taxes, customs, and import duties are the responsibility of the customer. 

Customers have the option to pay Taxes & Duties before hand or upon arrival, but some countries do require it before hand.

Upon arrival, if you do not pay DHL the Taxes & Duties due by your countries customs office your order will be forfeited and not refunded. Please send us an email with any questions regarding International shipping charges you're unsure about. 

Returns & Refunds

*Gift Return Policy - All gifted items are eligible for exchange or a store gift card equal to the amount of the return item for up 30 days after purchase.

Regular Return Policy - KOZAKH offers simple, hassle-free returns within 7 days of receiving your product.

Have more questions? Please contact us by email – customercare@kozakh.com

Read the fine print here: Shipping & Return Policy

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