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KOZAKH e-Gift Card
KOZAKH e-Gift Card Sale priceFrom $50 USD
Gold Chain by KOZAKH. A 14K Gold Filled handcrafted minimalist chain necklace, available in 4 adjustable lengths.14K Gold Chain
14K Gold Chain Sale priceFrom $209 USD
Cassius Square Link ChainCassius Square Link Chain
Cassius Square Link Chain Sale priceFrom $193 USD
Chester HoopsChester Hoops
Chester Hoops Sale price$277 USD
Hamilton Curb ChainHamilton Curb Chain
Hamilton Curb Chain Sale priceFrom $330 USD
Heavy Cable ChainHeavy Cable Chain
Heavy Cable Chain Sale priceFrom $303 USD
Venetian Triple ChainVenetian Triple Chain
Venetian Triple Chain Sale priceFrom $242 USD
Elton 3-1 Double ChainElton 3-1 Double Chain
Elton 3-1 Double Chain Sale priceFrom $171 USD
Diamond Link ChainDiamond Link Chain
Diamond Link Chain Sale priceFrom $164 USD
Bold Rolo ChainBold Rolo Chain
Bold Rolo Chain Sale priceFrom $193 USD
14K Fine One Love Birthstone Necklace14K Fine One Love Birthstone Necklace
Silver Chain by KOZAKH. A handcrafted minimalist necklace crafted in Sterling Silver, and is available in 4 adjustable lengths.14K White Gold Chain
14K White Gold Chain Sale priceFrom $209 USD
Ives Diamond HoopsIves Diamond Hoops
Ives Diamond Hoops Sale price$551 USD
Ives Kynite HoopsIves Kynite Hoops
Ives Kynite Hoops Sale price$311 USD
Bristol NecklaceBristol Necklace
Bristol Necklace Sale price$533 USD
Ramsey NecklaceRamsey Necklace
Ramsey Necklace Sale price$319 USD
Fenland NecklaceFenland Necklace
Fenland Necklace Sale price$690 USD
Cambridge NecklaceCambridge Necklace
Cambridge Necklace Sale price$913 USD
Clip Chain Link ChainClip Chain Link Chain
Clip Chain Link Chain Sale price$473 USD
Herringbone NecklaceHerringbone Necklace
Herringbone Necklace Sale price$1,099 USD
Fowey NecklaceFowey Necklace
Fowey Necklace Sale price$353 USD
Roman Curb ChainRoman Curb Chain
Roman Curb Chain Sale priceFrom $275 USD