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About Us

KOZAKH jewelry is designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California. We do not outsource any of the work that goes into creating our jewelry. Instead, our studio is filled with crafters who have years of hands on experience creating jewelry, and who love what they do. We are a diverse collaboration of people who share a passion for making jewelry, focussing our attention on design, quality, and allure.
The raw materials used to produce KOZAKH jewelry are carefully and consciously sourced from reputable fair trade suppliers. Our pieces are made using only the finest materials available for fashion jewelry, including gold filled and sterling silver, and hand cut semi precious and precious gemstones. Designed to be worn everyday, even on sensitive skin, KOZAKH pieces are guaranteed to maintain their color and quality for decades.


Cyntia Kozak Fisher is the sole designer for KOZAKH, a jewelry brand based in Los Angeles, California. Cyntia’s interest in fashion started when her mother enrolled her in a jewelry making class near their home in Venezuela when she was just 11 years old. After leaving Venezuela to pursue her education, she lived in multiple countries around the world. Her multicultural background exposed her to many different ideas about fashion, and inspired her to create one of the most popular women’s fashion blogs in Latin America.

While Cyntia was developing her fashion blog in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she began making her own jewelry for the outfits she was curating, but hadn’t yet considered selling her pieces to the public. An unexpected move to California, encouraged by Greg Fisher – her then boyfriend, now husband – brought Cyntia and her jewelry to the North American marketplace. A few months after settling in to her new home, she began selling her work at local craft markets and pop up shops. Before long, she had sprouted a following that pushed her to take her creativity, designs, and vision further than she had ever intended.

In 2014, Cyntia and Greg officially founded KOZAKH, and set out to share their creative designs with world.

KOZAKH was designed to create unique, elegant, and delicately designed jewelry that wearers can use to complement their unique styles. It is propelled by a wonderful team of artisans, creatives, and lovers of jewelry, who share the philosophy that, even in this world of fast fashion, jewelry should be made by hand, with care and attention to detail. As KOZAKH has grown from a small bedroom in a one bedroom apartment, to a Los Angeles studio filled with handcraft artisans, and from local shops around town, to the international marketplace, it’s philosophy has remained the same. KOZAKH is a family business, owned and operated by Cyntia and Greg Fisher.


Production at KOZAKH begins in the design studio, where inspiration and sketches line the walls, and thousands of prototype pieces are tested and perfected. In our studio, every person involved in production, from the designer to the bench worker, is a skilled wire wrapper. KOZAKH has become known for its fine wire wrapping technique, which gives the appearance of a seamless connection between each part of the jewelry. This refined technique allows us to offer more creative and unique designs, made with higher quality, longer lasting materials, that are too difficult and costly for most other designers to use regularly in production. It is also why all KOZAKH jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee, that insures against breakages and color change. Once the best styles have been selected from the collection, they are brought to market, and offered for sale to our wonderful network of buyers and customers. Every order we receive is wire wrapped by hand in our Los Angeles studio, and quality tested to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.


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