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KOZAKH Jewelry


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Uniquely on trend jewelry

Bold baroque

SHOW WHO YOU ARE Your journey, your style.
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Wear It Always -
Because it’s made with
waterproof, tarnish-free materials
Wear It Proudly -
Because it’s sustainably
handmade in the USA
Wear It Worry-Free -
Because it’s backed by our
Lifetime Warranty

Wear it always, wear it proudly, wear it worry-free

“You are unique. Your journey is walked only by you. Your
jewelry is a reflection of the road you’re on, the stories
you’ve lived, and the memories you share with those you
love.” ⎯ Cyntia K. Fisher, Designer/Founder


25,000+ 5 STAR REVIEWS
Lisa F.

I purchased three necklaces from KOZAKH - I had snapped an image from Instagram probably a year ago or so and I LOVED these three pieces together, but just didn't want to spend that much on jewelry. I never got these images out of my mind and purchased them a little less than a month ago. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!! And, to have a warranty for life - seriously? That is incredible AND they sent me two other necklaces (free gifts) that are NO JOKE! I love, love, love one of them and like the other. I've never received such great products, plus such GREAT free gifts and a lifetime warranty. I highly, highly recommend KOZAKH!!!!

Oliva H.

Dainty and Long Lasting
“I’ve had my necklace for over 2 years now. I wanted to wait to review it because my biggest concern when buying jewelry is its ability to hold up over time. I have worn it EVERYDAY since buying it, and haven't taken it off once (including pool, shower, ocean etc). And it is still perfect and hasn’t tarnished one bit. I get compliments on it 24/7 and it truly hasn’t tarnished/broken at all. Truly so happy and definitely recommend.”

Mina M.

I wanted a few pieces but had never bought from here before so I decided to get this bracelet first and see how the quality was before buying more and it's soooo cute! Such a beautiful piece. I also love how it fits my small wrist. Most clasp bracelets are so big they just turn around and around but this fits perfectly and the quality seems great! I just came back to purchase the other item I had my eye on!

Stephanie V.

so dainty and cute!
I absolutely loveeee my necklace! I think I've had it for about a year now and I've worn it every single day with no problems at all! It’s so cute and simple, but still so gorgeous. I absolutely loveee my necklace!

Laura J.

Sometimes I purchase jewelry and it comes and disappoints...Not this..every piece I purchased (which was a lot) for my 4 daughters was perfect, beautifully. I gave this particular necklace to my youngest and she put it on Christmas day!!!! Keep making these types..I love the layering and endless combinations.



Sustainably handmade jewelry for you to wear always, proudly, and worry free
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Your journey, your style