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14K Fine One Love Birthstone Charms14K Fine One Love Birthstone Charms
14K Fine One Love Birthstone Necklace14K Fine One Love Birthstone Necklace
Gold Chain by KOZAKH. A 14K Gold Filled handcrafted minimalist chain necklace, available in 4 adjustable lengths.14K Gold Chain
14K Gold Chain Sale priceFrom $209 USD
Silver Chain by KOZAKH. A handcrafted minimalist necklace crafted in Sterling Silver, and is available in 4 adjustable lengths.14K White Gold Chain
14K White Gold Chain Sale priceFrom $209 USD
Fine April DiamondFine April Diamond
Fine April Diamond Sale price$193 USD
Fine August PeridotFine August Peridot
Fine August Peridot Sale price$90 USD
Fine December TanzaniteFine December Tanzanite
Fine December Tanzanite Sale price$90 USD
Fine February AmethystFine February Amethyst
Fine February Amethyst Sale price$90 USD
Fine January GarnetFine January Garnet
Fine January Garnet Sale price$90 USD
Fine July RubyFine July Ruby
Fine July Ruby Sale price$90 USD
Fine June PearlFine June Pearl
Fine June Pearl Sale price$90 USD
Fine March AquamarineFine March Aquamarine
Fine March Aquamarine Sale price$90 USD
Fine May EmeraldFine May Emerald
Fine May Emerald Sale price$90 USD
Fine November TopazFine November Topaz
Fine November Topaz Sale price$90 USD
Fine October OpalFine October Opal
Fine October Opal Sale price$90 USD
Fine September SapphireFine September Sapphire
Fine September Sapphire Sale price$90 USD