Beth Bracelet

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Product Details

  • Twisted rope link chain.
  • Adjustable from 6 to 7 inches.
  • Safe for sensitive skin.
  • All metal components are Sterling Silver.

How It's Made

From the first sketch to the final touch, every piece of KOZAKH Jewelry is proudly designed and handmade in the US. Our materials are ethically sourced from Fair Trade suppliers, so that you can love how your jewelry looks, and how it's made.

Once we get your order, one of our skilled artisans will begin crafting your new jewelry by hand, making sure it meets all of our quality standards. It will then be packaged in a cute reusable felt pouch (perfect for gift giving), and begin its journey to you!

We believe jewelry should be made to last forever, and that you should be able to wear your favorite pieces everyday without worrying about them getting damaged. That’s why we choose materials that are tarnish resistant and won’t lose their color. We back this up with a Lifetime Warranty that covers almost everything. If something happens, all you need to do is contact us, and ship your jewelry to our studio. In most cases we’ll fix or replace it for free. So go live your best life, and wear your jewelry the whole time!

Things we don’t cover include lost or stolen jewelry, and jewelry that has been clearly mishandled. For example, if you lose your necklace in the jacuzzi and find it in the filter a month later and it's not looking 100% (ahem... true story). But we know how sucky that feels, so even if something like that happens, just let us know. Our solutions to these kinds of problems usually surprise our customers (in a good way)!

Thank you so much for wearing KOZAKH Jewelry!

Have you ever wondered why some jewelry turns colors, loses its shine, or turns your skin green? Did you know that a lot of "gold" jewelry doesn't contain any gold at all? There is a lot of confusion about the different types of gold jewelry that one can buy these days. Some of it is good, and most of it not so good. Long story short, everything we sell here at KOZAKH is the good kind!

We guarantee you'll love the quality of your KOZAKH jewelry!


Gold Filled

Gold Filled is the best alternative to fine gold. It is a hybrid metal that is essentially a thick layer of gold “filled” with another metal, like brass or copper. It has a layer of gold that is 50-100x thicker than other more commonly used metals, like gold plated and vermeil. Additionally, the “filling” process creates a much stronger bond between the gold and base metal, so the gold layer is very durable and will not come off for decades.

Will my Gold Filled jewelry tarnish?

We are often asked, will my Gold Filled jewelry tarnish? Before we answer that, we need to clear up a couple things that confuse a lot of people:

What is tarnish? 

Tarnish is simply the build up of corrosion that happens to most metals when they are exposed to air and moisture. Think of the rust that forms on bridges, or that bike you left in your backyard during a rainstorm. That "rusty" layer is ugly, but the good news is it can easily be cleaned! In fact, all jewelry needs to be cleaned at some point. Simply use a jewelry cloth or a jewelry cleaning solution, and your jewelry will look brand new!

So, what's the real real problem you should be thinking about?

The real problem you should be thinking about is your jewelry losing its gold layer. People often confuse this with tarnishing! Most affordable jewelry on the market is Gold Plated. The biggest problem with all Gold Plated, Gold Dipped, Gold Painted, Electroplated, and Vermeil jewelry is that the gold layer tends to wear off very quickly, resulting in discolored splotchy jewelry. This is because the gold layer on Gold Plated jewelry is very very thin, and it is not bonded to the base metal. As the jewelry rubs against your skin, the gold layer rubs off little by little. On top of that, when the base metal becomes exposed, tarnish builds up very quickly!

This is where Gold Filled really shines!

The thick gold layer on Gold Filled jewelry is guaranteed to last for decades! Because the gold layer is so thick, and because it is actually fused to the base metal, you don't need to worry about the gold coming off for a very long time. The gold thickness also makes Gold Filled hypoallergenic for most people. If you can wear 14K Gold on your skin without an allergic reaction, you should have no problem wearing 14K Gold Filled.

So, the final answer is, Gold Filled can tarnish over time, however, it can easily be cleaned! The best part is, you can wear it every day for many many years without worrying about the gold layer coming off. 

Please read our Jewelry Care guide to make sure your jewelry lasts a lifetime.

To learn basically everything there is to know about Gold jewelry, check out our blog post - Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Gold Jewelry.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is a metal that has been used to make all kinds of valuable goods for thousands of years. Pure Silver is soft and malleable, so the alloy Sterling Silver was created to be a bit more durable. Sterling Silver consists of 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent copper, and is the standard metal used to make fine silver jewelry. We love silver jewelry, and we love layering it with our gold jewelry!

All silver jewelry from KOZAKH is made using .925 Italian Sterling Silver.

Our Gemstones

All KOZAKH gemstones and pearls are real, and ethically sourced from fair trade suppliers around the globe. Nothing else in the jewelry world comes close to matching the beauty of authentic semi-precious and precious gemstones, which is why they are the main feature on many of our pieces. Find you favorite gemstone on one of our pieces today!


General care

To maintain the beauty of your jewelry, whether it’s gold filled or solid gold, always avoid salt water, chlorine (swimming pools, jacuzzis) and all heavy detergents and cleaning agents. These harsh chemicals can damage all types of jewelry, so please remember to remove your pieces before coming into contact with these substances.

Cleaning Gemstones

Gemstones are durable, yet they do need some care to maintain their luster. Follow these general guidelines, and yours will look brand new for years to come.

You can clean transparent gemstones simply by soaking them in water with a touch of soap. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the stone.

Never use an ultrasonic cleaner or ammonia for cleaning porous gemstones like lapis, turquoise, malachite, opal, or onyx. They should be gently wiped clean with a moist cloth. These gemstones will absorb chemicals, like soap, which can build up inside the stone and discolor it.

Organic gems like pearls, coral, and amber should only be wiped clean with a moist cloth. Due to their organic nature, these gems are both soft and porous. Be careful with hairspray, cosmetics, and perfume. The chemicals in those products can permanently damage organic gems (especially pearls) over time.

Expert Tip: When in doubt, always use a warm moist cloth to clean your gemstones.

Cleaning 14K Gold Filled

14K Gold Filled is highly tarnish resistant, however, sweat, lotions, perfumes, and normal wear can dampen its beautiful gold shine. Fortunately, gold filled  jewelry is easy to clean! All you need is a jewelry cloth made for polishing gold, which has a chemical that removes dirt, grime, and tarnish. We have these available for sale here. If your order was $50 or more, we sent you one for FREE because we're cool like that.

Expert Tip: Don't confuse tarnish with the actual gold rubbing off. This won't happen to KOZAKH 14K Gold Filled, but it will happen to gold plated jewelry you buy elsewhere. 

Cleaning Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is a precious metal that jewelers have loved to use for thousands of years, including us! Sterling Silver has one issue - it is prone to tarnishing (think grandmas antique silverware). Believe it or not, wearing your Sterling silver jewelry is a great way to keep tarnish from building up, but if you do end up leaving it off for a while and notice its not looking so hot, don't worry! All it takes is a quick dip in some silver cleaning solution, and it'll look brand new. Our favorite silver cleaner is eco-friendly Simple Shine.

Expert Tip: DO NOT use a cleaning solution on your Gold Filled jewelry, as it can permanently damage the gold.

We hope you found these cleaning tips helpful! If you have any other questions about you jewelry, you can reach us anytime at

Domestic Shipping

KOZAKH’s default shipping method is the United States Postal Service. Everything on the site is made to order, please allow 2 to 3 business day for us to make your jewels.

Methods and transit times:




Standard Shipping


3-5 business days

2 Day Shipping

FREE l Orders +$200

2-3 business days

Please Note: These delivery timeframes do not include the production time and only cover time in transit. If your order is time sensitive, please email us so we can further assist in expediting your order if possible.

International Shipping

All international orders are shipped via DHL. Shipping rates are calculated on the basis of destination and weight of package. All additional taxes, customs, and import duties are the responsibility of the customer. 

Returns & Refunds

KOZAKH offers simple, hassle-free returns within 7 days of receiving your product.

Have more questions? Please contact us by email –

Read the fine print here:


Shipping & Return Policy

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