Meet Danielle Machuca: Influencer of the Month of September

"My Kozakh Pieces give me that supple inner glow and sparkle that I just can't live without!"


Check out Danielle's Instagram to see why we fell in love with her style!

About Danielle:
My name is  Danielle Machuca and I’m a personal support worker and a part time micro influencer! At first, influencing started out as a hobby because fashion and sharing things I love was so fun to me, but slowly led me to opportunities to partner and work with awesome companies!

Describe your style:
One thing about me is I'm very eclectic when it comes to things I buy, style, or even decor! I love unique pieces, especially ones that have a special something behind it. That's one of the many reasons why I truly love and appreciate the pieces as Kozkah! 

What's your go-to Kozakh Stack?
Some of my everyday pieces are the Coco Necklace, Love Knot Necklace, and the Tres Dias Ring! They're so dainty, subtle, and pretty that they go with everything. They also add a bit of sparkle, which is a must!

What trends are you following right now?
I'd have to say anything oversized, and on the verge of baggy. I'm loving inspo from YSL and also mixing in different textures.

Charity Highlight:
Danielle works with children who have been diagnosed with Autism, and wants to highlight the Asperger/Autism Network, who aims to assist those with Autism and their friends and families throughout their lifetime. The Asperger/Autism Network provides in person and online support to those who seek it, and is proud to have many people who fall on the Autistic spectrum as part of their working team.

Find More about the Asperger/Autism Network Here and consider making a donation to this fantastic cause Here!

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Danielle, is a gift herself.
She lights up a room and has such a Radiant personality.
She is unique, fashionable, and more than anything she is an amazing daughter, she is fun to be around, and makes special occasions spectacular and joyous! You are my role model ❤️

Rosalinda October 26, 2022

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