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Article: Your Guide to the Goat: What, When, and Who is Capricorn?

Capricorn Necklace

Your Guide to the Goat: What, When, and Who is Capricorn?

Meet your local relentless overachiever:

The Humble (not really, though) Capricorn.

If you need a job done, Capricorn is your guy/gal. When the stars were aligning to make the Capricorn mold, they were no doubt on a mission. Ever since, every single go-getting goat born of this astrology sign has been busy striving, achieving, and getting things done!

The Capricorn Philosophy in life is simply: I am the best, so I deserve the best. You won’t hear them shouting it from the rooftops, nor do they expect it to be handed to them. Naturally gifted in many domains, Capricorns have all they need to succeed and claim the world as their own already – just give them time – perseverance is their strength.

Everything You Need to Know About the Capricorn Sign

Capricorn Dates:

Capricorn dates are December 22 to about January 19, making them the 10th sign of the zodiac. An icy cold season to match the steely-cold determination of this motivated group. 

If you should fall within these dates, you share a legendary star sign with famous capricorns such as Timothée Chalamet, LeBron James, Michelle Obama, Liam Hemsworth, and Dolly Parton – a pretty cool bunch!

Capricorn Meaning: What Does Capricorn Symbolize?

Capricorn owes its name to Latin, meaning “Goat-Horned.” However, Capricorn also answers to the names of Capricornus and “The Goat” in astrology.

Capricorn is symbolized by the sea goat, a legendary creature with the body of a goat and the tail of a fish. Sounds somewhat funky, yes, but worry not - this imagery speaks to Capricorn’s duality, being skilled at navigating both the emotional and material realms with ease – beautiful.

What is Capricorn’s Element?

Capricorn is the quintessential earth sign. This down-to-earth (yes, cliché) and grounded squad always keep it 100% real. Stability and pragmatism are the order of their every day, and they don’t suffer fools gladly (Read: liars, fakes, and cheats).

There, drawing on the natural earth, they’re joined by Virgo and Taurus: a reliable bunch that you’d call when moving, doing taxes, or in need of some sage advice.

What is Capricorn’s Ruling Planet?

Sensational Saturn. Perhaps the most singular planet of them all. Hanging out in 6th place from the sun and eternally hula hooping its spectacular rings. In our minds, Saturn reflects individuality and fun. In astrology, Saturn reflects wisdom, discipline, and karma. As for Roman mythology, Saturn is the God of agriculture, wealth, war, and time. Saturn’s mythological reign was thought of as a Golden Age of abundance and peace, two things in which Capricorns excel.

The Rarest Zodiac Sign

Yes, that’s right, Capricorns may be that bit harder to find on the cosmic wheel. According to The New York Times, the three least common birthdays are Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Christmas Eve, all of which fall during the Capricorn zodiac season, drastically lowering the world’s Cap headcount.

What are Capricorn Traits?

Capricorn’s Strengths

Let’s start with the three Ps of Capricorn: Persistent. Practical. Patient. Sound like a recipe for success to you? It is!

Next, we’ll move away from the base and toward some other personality traits of the goat: Ambitious, Realistic, Sensitive, Organized, Goal-oriented, Resourceful, Loyal, Socially aware & Conscientious.

In a nutshell: Capricorns are serious-yet-soulful, and we love them for it.

Capricorn Weaknesses

You could argue that these aren’t downfalls as much as they are traits that are completely necessary to keep Capricorn on their path to world domination.

So, if …

Pessimistic, Greedy, Rigid, Cynical, Fearful, Work-obsessed, Single-mindedness,  Ruthless in achieving goals

sound like weaknesses to you... Capricorn just don’t care; they’re too busy using those traits to their advantage! That said, you’ll rarely see this side on display. Due to their keen sense of social responsibility, Capricorn can usually hold their darker selves under-wraps for the greater good. It’s also speculated this is one of the reasons they tend to ascend to the top slowly but steadily, instead of skyrocketing to success.

The Capricorn Vibe

This is one of the chilliest vibes on the block that exudes a quiet confidence that has a creative edge despite the preference for routine. 

Because of their unwavering focus, Capricorns can sometimes be perceived as cold, unemotional, or even cutthroat. At the end of the day, they’re naturals at seeing the bigger picture and life for what it really is, allowing some humor and spontaneity to shine through – and when it does – it’s an avalanche!

Navigating the Capricorn Birth Chart

Your birth chart is essentially a snapshot of the sky, recording the placements of many celestial objects, such as the sun, moon, and planets, the very moment you were born. Together, they can reveal the intricacies of your personality. That said, they can be a bit difficult to figure out, but the first set is learning how to find your birth chart. Next, you have a lot of research to do, starting with the basics:

Capricorn Sun Meaning

In astrology, your sun is all of you. It’s the core essence of who you are – your sense of self. The Sun in Capricorn has an intense, almost exhausting drive for achievement that never lets up. If you have a Capricorn sun, you find it easy to keep your eye on the prize, and heaven help anyone who tries to get in your way.

Capricorn Moon Meaning

In astrology, your moon is that which you hold closest; it’s the deepest part of yourself that can’t be easily described with words. Our little personal “Je ne sais quoi” that has spiritual and emotional undertones. Having a Capricorn moon means you’re likely very hard on yourself despite your driven nature and tendency to thrive under pressure.

Capricorn Rising Meaning

Your rising (or ascendant) sign is whichever zodiac sign was rising in the eastern horizon when you were born. Capricorn risings are the image of stoicism unless they’re cracking the most hilarious joke you’ve ever heard.

Capricorn Men

The Capricorn man is motivated, ambitious, and a great leader. On the other hand, he’s also an earth sign which makes him practical, productive, and reliable. His sign is ruled by Saturn, the slow-moving planet of responsibility and structure—so he’s super serious almost all the time!

Capricorn Women

The image of the Capricorn woman is a poised one. She is strong, smart, and about her business. She may bend, but she’ll never break, and more than anything, she’s born to lead Being ruled by Saturn, she’s quite serious and studious, and incredibly dependable overall.

That said, the well-researched and never-failing theory that “girls just wanna have fun” rings true for Capricorn. Living her life without a hair out of place, sometimes she just wants to let it down!

Capricorn Compatibility: Friends, Foes & More?

Capricorn Friendships

Are Capricorns good friends? Capricorns speak the same language as their fellow earth signs, meaning they’ll always get along with other goats, Virgo and Taurus – as friends or partners. Interestingly, many Capricorns have a soft spot for water signs, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, with whom the typically rigid sign can wear their heart on their sleeves.

Capricorns in Love

Are Capricorns good lovers? Capricorns unwillingness to ever quit makes them ideal lifelong partner material. If you've ever had a Capricorn as a significant other, you may have realized that when the going gets tough, they get tougher. They’re far too noble to leave you high and dry, and they’ll fight for your relationship until the bitter end. Really though, with their practical edge, things never really get bitter. Instead, Capricorns love intentionally and with the same dedication and passion, they apply to everything else in life, meaning their lover of choice will often feel very much the justify of attention and cherished.

Who is Capricorn’s Soul Mate?

Taurus. The steadfast and dependable bull shares many values with Capricorn. They agree on all matters of life, love, and money while fulfilling an essential yin-yang: Capricorn is a cardinal sign, while Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning they even each other out for a harmonious relationship that’s ripe to last a lifetime.

Who Should Capricorn Avoid?

As a practical earth sign, Capricorns find it hard to understand the more “floaty” air signs, such as Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra, who may appear “too flighty” for the steadfast Goat.

Most Common Profession for Capricorns?

Capricorns are known to fit best in roles that require stringent dedication, a level head, and pure diligence, such as: Teacher, Business Executive, Scientist, Accountant, Financial Planner, Banker, Law & administration, and the list goes on…

Capricorn’s natural talents mean the list is essentially endless, with many goats even making fantastic artists, actors, and everything in between.

The Wrap-up

So, if ever you’re wondering what keeps the world turning... It’s Capricorn, running off to their next job, destination, task, or whatever they please. In terms of zodiac signs, the Capricorn sign is one of great ambition, understanding and level-headedness. Were everyone a Capricorn, the world would be a much more harmonious place, but we can’t all be perfect, can we?

Want to show off your G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) status? Of course you do. You've earned it. Check out some of our Capricorn jewelry here!

Want to get familiar with all 12 zodiac signs? Read our blog "The 12 Zodiac Signs & Their Meanings"

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