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Article: New Year, New Lower Prices

New Year, New Lower Prices

New Year, New Lower Prices

Our 2023 goal to make sustainable more affordable

KOZAKH Mission Statement:

Revive the handmade quality of the past, design for today, and sustainably create for the future.”

We’ve lowered our prices across the board. Yes, you heard that right! In the midst of high inflation and rising prices all over the world, we are lowering ours. Why? We asked 1000s of shoppers, "what is the number 1 thing keeping you from buying sustainable products?" The overwhelming answer was PRICE! This forced us to ask ourselves, “is there any way we can afford to lower our prices to make it easier for people to choose sustainable jewelry?

It was a tough question, but one we couldn’t ignore. After a year and a half of crunching the numbers, reorganizing, and a ton of streamlining, we are so happy to finally share what we’ve achieved for our customers! We are passing everything we've managed to cut from our costs and prices on to you so that it's easier than ever to choose sustainably handmade jewelry over the mass produced alternatives.

So, how much are we talking? We’ve cut our prices by 40-50%! On top of that, our quality is EXACTLY THE SAME! It’s the exact same jewelry that is still sustainably handmade in the USA, worn and loved by over 150,000 people, and still comes with the same lifetime warranty. Nothing has changed about our products or the service we offer our customers. The only difference is the price.

You’re probably wondering, does it cost more to be a sustainable brand? The short answer is, yes. It would be much cheaper for us to make our products in a big oversees factory that doesn't take care of its people or the environment. Does lowering our prices mean we’re making less money per sale? Another yes. While we were able to cut expenses to help achieve these new prices, we also decided to reduce our margins to make our prices even more competitive with fast fashion jewelry. So, is it worth it? If it means more people can afford to buy sustainable products, then yes, it’s definitely worth it! We believe we're doing the right thing by offering incredible value to our customers, and we want to make a statement to other brands and to the world that sustainable products don't need to be the most expensive products. 

We hope that other companies will join us in our pledge to make it easier for people to choose the sustainable option, but we need your help to show them that it is possible. How? Simply by shopping for our jewelry at these new affordable prices. The proof is in the pudding. If we can show other companies that our brand can continue to grow while upholding these values and offering these affordable prices, others will follow. 

Help us show the world that it’s worth it to be a business that sells products that are sustainable and affordable!

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