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Article: Diving into The Deep-end: What, When, and Who is Aquarius?

Diving into The Deep-end: What, When, and Who is Aquarius?

Diving into The Deep-end: What, When, and Who is Aquarius?

The revolution may not be televised, but you can be sure of who will be in attendance: lots and lots of Aquarians.

The free-thinking, free spirit, and free pretty much whatever else comes to mind of the zodiac signs, Aquarians are a hard-to-define bunch (but we’ll do our best anyway!). That said, they often dislike being put in a box, so we’ll also do our best to speak in “Aquariese,” AKA no harshly defining terms or confining adjectives.

Meet your everyday corporate hippy 

Aquarians are an impressive mix of practical and imaginative. They know, better than any other zodiac sign, that there’s a time for work and play. This air sign is progressive, idealistic, intelligent, and highly creative.

The Aquarian Philosophy in life is simply: go with the wind, enjoy the ride, observe everything closely, but don’t get carried too far.

Everything You Need to Know About the Aquarius Sign

Aquarius Dates

Aquarius season starts on January 20 and ends on February 18, meaning this chilled bunch takes 11th place in the astrological lineup. If you happen to have been lucky enough to be born between these dates, you’re in good company. Sharing your zodiac sign is some glowing star power, such as Harry Styles, Shakira, Oprah Winfrey, and Micheal Jordan.

Aquarius Meaning: What Does Aquarius Symbolize?

Aquarians draw on endless wells of creativity, inspiration, and genius, making it no surprise that they’re known as “water-bearers.” They spend all their lives gathering great things and sharing them with the world – that’s just the natural way of the Aquarian.

What is Aquarius Element?

A common misconception is that Aquarians belong to the water sign trio. In reality, these are an airy bunch that finds themselves paired up with Gemini and Libra.

What is Aquarius’s Ruling Planet?

Uranus – the 7th planet from the sun that’s loaded with water, methane, and ammonia and forms one part of the duo known as the “ice giants” of the solar system (the other being Neptune.) In Greek Mythology, Uranus was the personification of heaven, dominated by the light of the sun and the power of Mars. In other words, Aquarians are brilliant in more ways than one.

How Common is the Aquarius Zodiac Sign?

Unfortunately for the world, Aquarians are a rather sparse bunch. In lists of “Most Common Zodiac signs,” you’ll often find them lingering around the bottom with Capricorn, Leo, and Aries.

What are Aquarius Traits?

Aquarius Strengths

Getting to know an Aquarian is the work of a lifetime. They feed off originality and independent thought, making them advanced, dynamic, and changing without ever really slipping into flaky or flimsy territory. Adding to their list of impressive accolades are self-reliance, intelligence, exceptionalism (no one quite like Aquarius!), and optimism.

Aquarius weaknesses

Aquarians, feeling right at home in the world of ideas, creativity, and astounding innovation, tend to spend a lot of time in their heads – often a little too much. However, once they’ve settled a matter within their craniums, don’t expect them to budge or negotiate. This air sign has all the stubbornness of a fire sign. So, if you were to bother trying to push this immovable object, don’t be surprised when you’re met with a measured temper! That said, they won’t stay bothered for long, soon returning to their natural cooler-than-thou state.

The Aquarian Vibe?

When Aquarians are about, you know the party is about to go down in the chilliest way possible. They won’t scream, shout, or let it all out, but they will raise the wavelength of the room naturally and have everyone feeling like anything could be possible with their awe, wonder, and a never-ending stream of incredible ideas. The best part? Aquarians aren’t about that messy life, so you can always be sure they’ll be your rocks when things get, well, messy.
In a nutshell: If you’re trying to spot an Aquarius, keep an eye out for offbeat fashion choices that are somehow right on trend, alongside unusual hobbies and enough ideas to keep you in debate for a lifetime.

Navigating the Aquarius Birth Chart

A birth chart takes the exact date, time, and location of your birth and uses it to re-create a map of the sky at that moment – impressive. It covers different aspects of your personality, and essentially puts you together like a puzzle piece according to where the sun, moon, and planets where when you decided to join us.

Aquarius Sun Meaning

If you were born with Aquarius in your sun, you aren't afraid to break the rules. Your driving force is likely freedom, and heaven help anyone who stands in your way.

Aquarius Moon Meaning

For those claiming an Aquarius moon, social justice and fairness are of utmost importance. They are considerate and compassionate and also tend to be intense and insightful, with a hint of natural-born philosopher to them.

Aquarius Rising Meaning

Aquarius rising is all about self-development and, really, development in general. Humanitarianism is the name of the game, and you’re fond of making surprise moves, keeping everyone on their toes and you moving forward.

What are Aquarius Men Like?

Aquarius men are well-known for being dominant in their own unique way. They show their natural charisma by rebelling against rules and questioning agendas. Ever wondering, ever dreaming, there’s always something new and undiscovered afoot around an Aquarius man.

What are Aquarius Women Like?

You’ll never be able to put an Aquarius woman in a box. She’s a constant riddle that you’ll spend your time-solving. But it’s not complicated, nor will you get a headache. Au contraire, you’ll spend hours intrigued by this honest, curious, creative and altruistic, and quite quirky woman who dwells in the realm of ideas.

Aquarius Compatibility: Friends, Foes & More?

Aquarius Friendships

If you have an Aquarian in your life that you can call “friend,” consider yourself lucky. Loyal and faithful by nature, Aquarius is the embodiment of “friend.” They’re great listeners and even better advisors. Interestingly, Aquarians tend to enjoy their friendships that little bit more than romantic relationships. We’re going to put this down to the fact that their freedom isn’t restricted.

Aquarians in Love

Every Aquarius love story starts slowly. Aquarians fall in love headfirst, never heart first. So, they do relationships by steps. First, friends. Next, maybe something a little more, but who knows yet. Finally, locked in love for presumably life because you can bet Aquarius has put a lot of thought into this. In terms of who Aquarius is really likely to go the distance with, you’ll find their fellow air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius, topping the bill.

Who is Aquarius’s Soul Mate?

Gemini. Hands down. Forever and always. Why so adamant? You see, when an Aquarian meets someone who shares their hunger for knowledge, they can't help but fall in love; it really is as simple as that.

Who Should Aquarius Avoid?

While Aquarius is a friend of all, they might want to think twice about entering partnerships with Cancer. When Cancer cries, Aquarius pulls away. One is emotion, and the other is all practicality. It doesn’t always fail, but it often does.

Most Common Profession for Aquarians?

With a mind for wonder and an insatiable appetite for learning while always staying a step ahead of the crowd, Aquarians make for natural scientists and professors.

Aquarius After All

And there you have them! The eccentric, humanitarian ruler of the zodiac that we’d be lost without. Ironically an Aquarius is one of the least likely to shout their zodiac sign from the rooftops even though they’re one of the most astrologically blessed signs out there! And to leave you on an evocative note (in honor of Aquarius’s nature) we’ll say that Aquarians remind us of ducks: Kicking fast underwater and looking serene above water – they make every amazing feat look easy.

Looking to wear your Aquarius symbol loud and proud (we know you want to)? Check out some of our Aquarius jewelry here!

Want to get familiar with all 12 zodiac signs? Read our blog "The 12 Zodiac Signs & Their Meanings"

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