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Article: Cartilage Piercings 101: An All-You-Need-to-Know Guide

Cartilage Piercings 101: An All-You-Need-to-Know Guide

Cartilage Piercings 101: An All-You-Need-to-Know Guide

So, you want to get a cartilage piercing. Cartilage piercings are trendy and eye-catching, opening a whole new world of accessories and styling opportunities.

If you’re new to this category of piercings, we have you covered with all the must-know information to keep in mind before, during, and after you get your new cartilage piercings.

What is a cartilage piercing?

Your ear consists of cartilage concealed by skin. A cartilage piercing is any ear piercing not on the ear lobe. You can get a cartilage piercing in various locations, including the helix, conch, tragus, rook, daith, anti-tragus, and forward helix.

Whether you want to decorate your ear and pierce all areas for a statement-worthy earscape, or opt for a more subtle approach with one or two, cartilage piercings are an excellent way to showcase your unique style.

Do cartilage piercings hurt?

We can’t talk about piercings without addressing arguably the most important question: do they hurt?

While everyone’s pain tolerance varies, cartilage tissue is a bit denser than your lobes, meaning it’s less fleshy and requires a bit more force to penetrate the skin. So, you can prepare for at least a little discomfort, but the pain is temporary (and much worth your new gorgeous piercing).

What is the healing process like?

After getting your cartilage piercing(s), you should expect the healing process to last at least six months, possibly even a year, depending on the location, your circumstance, and how vigilant you are about aftercare. A good rule of thumb is that once swelling, redness, flaking, or soreness disappears, your ear is likely healed.

What does aftercare consist of?

You can expedite the healing process by taking the proper steps. Try to avoid touching or twisting the piercing and apply sterile saline to the front and back at least two times a day, followed by rubbing alcohol. Also, ensure your sleeping is conducive to healing by laying on your back or, if you’re a steadfast side sleeper, using a U-shaped pillow to eliminate potential snagging. Once they’ve healed, you can remove or replace your piercing jewelry.

What earrings should you style cartilage piercings with?

This is the fun part! At KOZAKH, we have a wide range of earring styles that are guaranteed to look fabulous in any cartilage piercing. Studs, huggies, and drop earrings are all fair game.

If you want a trendy approach, opt for a dangly pair, like our Rosana Earrings, to draw eyes to your uber-cool ear candy. This pair features a daisy design on a lightweight chain, making it a perfect addition to your upgraded collection. Additionally, your ear stack wouldn't be complete without our perfectly simple Charlene Earrings - a pair of minimalist studs that look right at home on your daith piercing. 

Can't commit to the piercing yet but still want to achieve the look of a decked out ear stack?, our Lolo Huggie doesn't require any piercing holes! Just secure the open hoop around any part of your ear to create the look of a real piercing (we won't tell!).

Click here to view our catalog and curate the perfect ear stack that's sure to turns heads wherever you go.

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