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Article: The 12 Zodiac Signs & Their Meanings

The 12 Zodiac Signs & Their Meanings

The 12 Zodiac Signs & Their Meanings

Whether you want to learn more about yourself, study your birth chart, or determine your compatibility with a special someone, getting familiar with the twelve zodiac signs is a fun, insightful experience that reveals every aspect of ourselves. However, if astrology has remained a mystery to you, don’t worry - you’re not alone.

With abundant resources and contradictory statements, finding reliable information on the subject can be challenging. Fortunately, we’re here to help shed some light. We’ve detailed the twelve star signs of the zodiac and their meanings below, so you can be prepared next time astrology comes up in a conversation.


First, What Is the Purpose of Astrology?

The zodiac refers to the band of the sky over the sun, moon, and planets. Ancient civilizations believed that astronomy and astrology served identical purposes and could predict the future - a sentiment that is certainly not the case anymore! For centuries, people have attributed astrology to defining our personalities, life choices, and ambitions.

Each of the twelve signs represents a constellation of the zodiac that the sun passes through. Over time, each zodiac has developed distinct characteristics, including animals, colors, elements, and myths, that separate them from the other eleven.
Aries Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Aries Zodiac Sign: The Ram
Aries Dates: March 21 - April 19
Aries Personality: Confident, fiery, courageous

Aries is the first zodiac sign. As a dynamic fire sign, Aries are naturally bold and ambitious, unafraid to tackle seemingly difficult challenges to come out on top. However, their determined nature may make them impulsive and impatient, unwilling to cooperate with those whose opinions differ from theirs.
Taurus Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Taurus Zodiac Sign: The Bull
Taurus Dates: April 20 - May 20
Taurus Personality: Dependable, trustworthy, practical

One of the earth signs, Taureans thrive on security, finding unparalleled comfort in stability. They are diligent workers and steadfast in their goals to make their lives as pleasurable as possible. However, their easygoing tendencies make them susceptible to frequent bouts of passiveness, which may lead them to get stuck in a routine.

Gemini Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Gemini Zodiac Sign: The Twins
Gemini Dates: May 21 - June 20
Gemini Personality: Curious, affectionate, adaptable

As a mutable air sign, Geminis are naturally curious and embrace change at any opportunity. They’re quick learners, making them easily adaptable to various situations; however, this can also make them unwilling to commit and even earn them a reputation for being untrustworthy from time to time.

Cancer Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Cancer Zodiac Sign: The Crab
Cancer Dates: June 21 - July 22
Cancer Personality: Imaginative, loyal, emotional

Represented by the crab, cancers are highly intuitive and, as its representative animal suggests, will work hard to protect themselves in unpredictable waters. Unfortunately, such self-preservation habits may make them incredibly moody, causing them to focus only on the negative aspects of various situations.

Leo Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Leo Zodiac Sign: The Lion
Leo Dates: July 23 - August 22
Leo Personality: Passionate, creative, generous

Leos are natural-born leaders who take pride in their residence in the spotlight and their ability to garner followers effortlessly. They are generous and delight in sharing their fortune with others. As a solid fire sign, Leos are also defensive, believing that their ideas and principles are steadfastly superior.

Virgo Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Virgo Zodiac Sign: The Maiden
Virgo Dates: August 23 - September 22
Virgo Personality: Analytical, kind, hardworking

Virgos are known for their practical approach to life and thrive in productivity and organization. They love improving themselves and the world around them, leveraging their propensity for analysis to create better outcomes. However, their perfectionism can also work against them and, when their strategies fail, may cause them to burn out.

Libra Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Libra Zodiac Sign: The Scales
Libra Dates: September 23 - October 22
Libra Personality: Diplomatic, fair-minded, gracious

Represented by the scales, Libras are notoriously cooperative and often prioritize others’ needs above their own in order to keep the peace. They make excellent communicators and know how to understand and empathize with multiple perspectives. Unfortunately, this behavior often breeds indecisiveness.

Scorpio Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Scorpio Zodiac Sign: The Scorpion
Scorpio Dates: October 23 - November 21
Scorpio Personality: Resourceful, brave, stubborn

Scorpios are often misunderstood as a fire sign due to their fiery nature. In reality, the Scorpio is a water sign and is incredibly intuitive, like other water signs. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to work hard in order to achieve their goals. These patterns may make them stubborn and unwilling to accept outcomes that don’t align with their desires.

Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: The Archer
Sagittarius Dates: November 22 - December 21
Sagittarius Personality: Intellectual, idealistic, strong sense of humor

Sagittarians are very optimistic, finding the good in everything. Their lightheartedness ensures they never take anything too seriously. However, as a mutable fire sign, they are often unpredictable and untrustworthy, as their tendency to fantasize leads them to abandon things to make their visions a reality.

Capricorn Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Capricorn Zodiac Sign: The Goat
Capricorn Dates: December 22 - January 19
Capricorn Personality: Responsible, disciplined, self-control

Capricorns are among the hardest workers and frequently practice impressive self-control to produce their desired results. They thrive on completing to-do lists and staying busy, making them excellent at productivity. Others may see their determination as demanding, which may lead Capricorns to become moody and quick-tempered.

Aquarius Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Aquarius Zodiac Sign: The Water Bearer
Aquarius Dates: January 20 - February 18
Aquarius Personality: Original, progressive, humanitarian

Despite their name, Aquarians are not water signs; they’re actually the last air sign of the zodiac and on a mission to make the world a better place. They’re quick-witted and charming, making them excellent at communication and collaboration. However, as one of the most independent star signs, Aquarians have a habit of isolating themselves and are hesitant to be vulnerable.

Pisces Zodiac Symbol Necklace

Pisces Zodiac Sign: The Fish
Pisces Dates: February 19 - March 20
Pisces Personality: Compassionate, intuitive, artistic

Pisces are highly in tune with their and others’ emotions, making them the zodiac's most compassionate sign. Their friendly disposition allows them to befriend many types of people, growing a diverse friendship group. Unfortunately, this may cause other people to take advantage of their trustworthiness; however, they continue to thrive in supportive settings.


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