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About Us

Our Mission

Reviving the handmade quality of the past, designing for today, and sustainably creating for the future.

Our Story

KOZAKH was founded in 2013 by Cyntia Kozak after an unexpected move brought her from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to her new home in Los Angeles, California. With a background in fashion, and a passion for making jewelry, Cyntia arrived in LA with a head full of ideas, her jewelry tools, and a dream to share her passion for fashion and design with the world.

KOZAKH came to life as a creative outlet for Cyntia, who has been a lifelong accessories lover, and a long time jewelry maker. When creating her first designs, she didn’t realize that she was outlining the creative direction that would one day be the backbone of her brand. “I wanted to create jewelry that had a modern feel, but was also timeless. I was my first customer, so it had to be affordable, and the kind of jewelry I could live in every day. Quality and materials are things I've focussed on from the beginning.” This type of jewelry is now called “demi-fine,” but back when we started, it was just a concept for a kind of jewelry that was high quality but still affordable.

KOZAKH now is led by Cyntia, as the sole designer and creative director, and her husband Greg, as the business strategist. Oh yeah, did we mention that Greg was the reason Cyntia moved to the US? This is also a love story.

Read more about Cyntia's story here

"There is nothing we put on our bodies every day that’s more expressive than the jewelry we wear. As an accessory, its only purpose is to show the world something about who we are. I want to help you tell that story."

- Cyntia Kozak Fisher

Our Jewelry

All of our jewelry is designed and handmade in the US. We put special care into the sourcing of every component that becomes a part of our pieces. We hand pick every gem, pearl, and chain to make sure the quality of our jewelry meets the highest standards. Sustainably and ethically manufacturing our jewelry is an essential part of how we operate our company.

We believe jewelry should stay on your body and out of the trash, so we have always been committed to using materials that won't lose their color or turn your skin green. 14k Gold Filled and Sterling Silver are the materials of choice on every piece of KOZAKH jewelry. This means you can wear your favorite pieces everyday, worry-free, for years to come! If you want to read more about that, click here.

Our Studio

Our jewelry studio is filled with some amazing artisan ladies who have years of hands on experience creating jewelry, and love what they do! Our main specialty is seamless wire wrapping, and our second specialty is finding any excuse to have a pizza and ice cream party! We are truly lucky to work with these awesome women each day.

We believe that fashion doesn't need to come at an unfair cost to the customer, the people making the products, or the earth. We love being part of a community of people who love to wear beautiful things that also give people beautiful lives.

From all of us here - thank you so much for wearing KOZAKH Jewelry!