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The KOZAKH Forest Project

Did you know that 1 mature tree converts 40 pounds of CO2 into oxygen every year? 

Companies today have a huge responsibility to be proactive in reducing carbon and slowing climate change. We don’t just believe it's possible to create amazing products without harming the environment, we believe it’s essential. That’s why we started The KOZAKH Forest Project, which aims to plant 1 tree for every piece of jewelry sold!

In addition to continuing to produce our products with low waste and low carbon emissions, and offsetting our carbon footprint using carbon credits, we will also be employing the help of Mother Nature's natural defense against CO2, a.k.a trees, to help combat climate change. With your help, we aim to plant 100,000 tress by the end of 2024!

Our trees are being planted in several locations around the world, in areas that have been greatly affected by logging, mining, deforestation, over cultivation, and other types of degradation. The forests will not only produce trees that will help rebalance the ecosystem, they will also produce jobs for local workers, as well as better water quality for surrounding communities. We hope you’ll join us in an effort to combat climate change and keep the world healthy. We love living here, and we know you do too!

Check out our progress here:

Trees Planted to Date