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Memorial Day Sale


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KOZAKH's newest on trend styles, sustainably handmade and guaranteed to last.

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Large Bold Hoop EarringsLarge Bold Hoop Earrings
Large Bold Hoop Earrings Sale priceFrom $77.00
Small Bold Hoop EarringsSmall Bold Hoop Earrings
Small Bold Hoop Earrings Sale priceFrom $69.00
Twist Vegan Pearl EarringsTwist Vegan Pearl Earrings
Twist Vegan Pearl Earrings Sale priceFrom $108.00
Spiral Vegan Pearl NecklaceSpiral Vegan Pearl Necklace
Spiral Vegan Pearl Necklace Sale priceFrom $179.00
Vegan Spiral Drop NecklaceVegan Spiral Drop Necklace
Vegan Spiral Drop Necklace Sale priceFrom $101.00
Vegan Heart of the Sea NecklaceVegan Heart of the Sea Necklace
Bolo Bow Vegan Pearl NecklaceBolo Bow Vegan Pearl Necklace
Vegan Bold Baroque NecklaceVegan Bold Baroque Necklace
Vegan Bold Baroque Necklace Sale price$115.00
Vegan Baroque NecklaceVegan Baroque Necklace
Vegan Baroque Necklace Sale priceFrom $86.00
Fresa BraceletFresa Bracelet
Fresa Bracelet Sale price$85.00
Twist EarringsTwist Earrings
Twist Earrings Sale priceFrom $77.00
Twist Pearl EarringsTwist Pearl Earrings
Twist Pearl Earrings Sale priceFrom $153.00
Guinda HoopsGuinda Hoops
Guinda Hoops Sale price$100.00
Fruit EarringsFruit Earrings
Fruit Earrings Sale priceFrom $68.00
Spiral Pearl NecklaceSpiral Pearl Necklace
Spiral Pearl Necklace Sale priceFrom $834.00
Spiral Drop NecklaceSpiral Drop Necklace
Spiral Drop Necklace Sale priceFrom $138.00
Raspberry NecklaceRaspberry Necklace
Raspberry Necklace Sale price$106.00
Heart of the Sea NecklaceHeart of the Sea Necklace
Heart of the Sea Necklace Sale price$131.00
Happy Summer NecklaceHappy Summer Necklace
Happy Summer Necklace Sale price$192.00
Frutilla NecklaceFrutilla Necklace
Frutilla Necklace Sale price$100.00
Bolo Bow Pearl NecklaceBolo Bow Pearl Necklace
Bolo Bow Pearl Necklace Sale price$146.00
Bold Baroque NecklaceBold Baroque Necklace
Bold Baroque Necklace Sale price$765.00
Baroque NecklaceBaroque Necklace
Baroque Necklace Sale priceFrom $131.00
Balson Bolt EarringsBalson Bolt Earrings
Balson Bolt Earrings Sale priceFrom $74.00
Balson Cross EarringsBalson Cross Earrings
Balson Cross Earrings Sale priceFrom $74.00
Balson Hat EarringsBalson Hat Earrings
Balson Hat Earrings Sale priceFrom $74.00
Balson Boot EarringsBalson Boot Earrings
Balson Boot Earrings Sale priceFrom $74.00
Ballenger Hat NecklaceBallenger Hat Necklace
Ballenger Hat Necklace Sale priceFrom $83.00
Ballenger Boot NecklaceBallenger Boot Necklace
Ballenger Boot Necklace Sale priceFrom $83.00
Ballenger Cross NecklaceBallenger Cross Necklace
Ballenger Cross Necklace Sale priceFrom $83.00
Western NecklaceWestern Necklace
Western Necklace Sale priceFrom $92.00
Ballenger Bolt NecklaceBallenger Bolt Necklace
Ballenger Bolt Necklace Sale priceFrom $83.00
Sam NecklaceSam Necklace by KOZAKH. A 16 inches long Herringbone chain necklace, crafted in 18K Gold bonded chain with anti-tarnish treatment, featuring a white tail coin Pearl.
Sam Necklace Sale price$91.00