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How to Order Wholesale Online



NOTE: Please ignore and close the "New Subscriber" pop up. You do not need to register on that form. Thank you!

Ordering on the website is pretty straightforward, however, THERE IS A SPECIAL WAY TO CHECKOUT AS A WHOLESALE CUSTOMER. Don't worry, it's easier and faster than normal checkout!  The following is a short guide that will answer any questions you might have.
1. Please register here:
2. Check the box that says "Wholesale" under Account Type when filling out the form.
3. You will receive an email immediately after you submit your application. Please open this email and click the 'Visit Our Store' button. You can now login using the the email and the password you put on your application.
TIP: If you don't see the wholesale pricing at first, try logging out and logging back in. That should take care or it for you.
1. Shopping on the site is like shopping on most online stores. Browse the store, click the items you want, and add them to your cart.
2. Feel free to use the search tool to find specific products. You can search names, SKUs, product types, and more.
3. Many items are available in gold or silver, so be sure to select the option you want before adding to your cart.
1. Once you've made your selections, go to your shopping cart. The cart is the perfect place to finalize your quantities for each item, and to see your total. The cart page is also where you will finalize and submit your order. Be sure to click the UPDATE CART button after you make any changes, and you'll see your new total.
NOTE: Don't worry if you leave the cart page. Your cart will be saved as long as you are logged in. Also, if you've already started shopping and forgot to log in, that's no problem either. Log in at any time, and your discount will be applied to your cart.
2. Shipping will be added to your invoice later, so don't worry about that now.
3. Please provide your credit card information where it says "Special instructions for seller." We will keep this card on file to charge when the order is ready to ship. You can also leave any other instructions you have for us in this section, such as - requested ship date, cancel date, alternate billing address, etc.
4. When you're ready to submit your order, don't click the CHECKOUT button! Instead, look for the button that says "PAY WHEN ORDER SHIPS" below the CHECKOUT button. Select your saved address or add a new address in the box right above that button. Once you've entered your address, click the "PAY WHEN ORDER SHIPS" button.
That's all there is to it! You'll get a copy of your Sales Order a little later, which will include the shipping cost and an approximate ship date. If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to contact us, and we'll help you out! Thank you so much!