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Our Metals

KOZAKH Fine Jewelry is our premier line that is sustainably handmade in solid 14K Gold, which means you can wear your pieces forever without worrying about tarnishing or any signs of wear. 14K Gold is considered the best metal to use for Fine Jewelry because of its excellent durability and gorgeous color. We use our highest quality gemstones, like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires on our KOZAKH Fine Jewelry pieces.
All KOZAKH Fine Jewelry comes with a Lifetime Quality Guarantee!
KOZAKH is our Demi-Fine line, which is sustainably handmade in 14K Gold Filled and solid Sterling Silver. 14K Gold Filled is made with a thick layer of gold that is pressure bonded to a brass core. It is the best alternative to Fine Gold, with a gold layer that is 50-100x thicker than Gold Plated. You can wear your Gold Filled jewelry 24/7 for decades without worrying about tarnishing or the gold layer wearing down, and it's easy and safe to clean!
All KOZAKH Jewelry comes with a Lifetime Quality Guarantee!
KZK is our most affordable line, available in Gold Plated and solid Sterling Silver. Our Gold Plating is 10x thicker than the industry standard, so you can expect to get a long life out of your KZK jewelry if you care for it properly. The base metal is pure Jeweler's Brass. Gold Plated jewelry requires special care and cleaning. Check out our Jewelry Care Guide to learn how to get the most out of your Gold Plated jewelry.
All KZK Jewelry comes with a 1 Year Quality Guarantee!