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Jewelry Care

14k Gold Filled and Sterling Silver
  • To maintain the beauty of your jewelry, whether it’s gold filled or solid gold, always avoid salt water, chlorine (swimming pools, jacuzzis) and all heavy detergents and cleaning agents. These harsh chemicals can damage all types of jewelry, so please remember to remove your pieces before coming into contact with these substances.
  • Store your jewelry in an air tight, dry place when its not being used. We will send you a storage ziplock bag in every order!
  • We don’t recommend wearing your necklaces to bed, especially dainty chains.
For more information on how to clean your 14k Gold Jewelry or more in depth care please read this: How To Clean Your Jewelry
Gemstones are durable, yet they do need some care to maintain their luster. Follow these general guidelines, and yours will look brand new for years to come. Porous gems like Pearls, Coral, Opal, Turquoise and Amber should only be wiped clean and dry with a moist cloth. These gems are both soft and porous, so as a general rule avoid bathing with them. Be careful with hairspray, cosmetics, and perfume. The chemicals in those products can permanently damage organic gems (especially pearls) over time.

If you have any other questions about you jewelry, you can reach us anytime at