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Article: What is Garnet Birthstone? Gorgeous, Glorious, Giving & More

What is Garnet Birthstone? Gorgeous, Glorious, Giving & More

What is Garnet Birthstone? Gorgeous, Glorious, Giving & More

Worldwide, cultures throughout history have prized a dazzling red gem that’s rich in color, folklore, and benefits. Its rich red color enchants as much as it intrigues, earning it a place in many accessories and adornments that are cherished and worn with pride. If Ruby is coming to mind, think again. What we’re dealing with here is the gorgeous garnet.

Or Should we Say Garnets …

Yes, that’s right, garnets are a diverse bunch. Behind the name garnet hides around 20 different garnet categories, literally known as species, among which the most popular are pyrope, almandine, spessartine, grossular, and andradite. The surprises don’t stop there, the crystalline structure isn’t the only things that separates the garnet species: They also come in an explosion of varies colors from green to blue!

However, regardless of the chemistry or color, all of the garnet group minerals form under similar geological conditions.

How are Garnets Formed?

Garnets, like most birthstone gems, come to life under extreme conditions. Working on rock that’s usually high in aluminum, heat, and pressure, get to work on their brilliant red masterpiece. So, often metamorphic rock, but sometimes igneous rock, begins to crystallize, starting as a tiny seed-like granule that blossoms into larger clumps of crystalline matter over time.

Where are Garnets Found?

While garnets can be found in all corners of the world, they tend to prefer Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, and Namibia. The first garnet found was dated as far back as 3800 BC. The gemstone was discovered in Egyptian art and is believed to have symbolized good health.

What Does Garnet Mean?

Whichever adorable human had the chance to name the garnet and went with “pomegranate,” we both love and applaud you – we hope everyone would’ve done the same. Stemming from the Latin word “granatus,” meaning pomegranate, the garnet was named for its resemblance to pomegranate seeds.

Garnet Crystal Meaning

Garnet is all good vibrations. It’s brimming with love, warmth, and health. No surprise, it’s considered a symbol of everlasting bonds then, or, in other words – friendship. You’ll also hear heart, blood, inner fire, and life force mentioned when it comes to this dazzling gem.

Benefits of Garnet Stone

While it’s being formed deep within the earth, power and force are captured and solidified into the crystalline body of the garnet. To whoever holds it close, it’ll forever give this essence, often in the shape of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.  

On a spiritual level, garnet performs a deep Spring clean of your chakras, both balancing and activating them (most notably your Root chakra.) As well it generally alleviates disharmony and smoothes over any “turbulent” energies. 

In terms of physical benefits of garnet, the gem is believed to detoxify the blood and even promote heart health while generally regenerating the body and speeding up the metabolism – impressive! In other words, garnet is like a little doctor (without the credentials, so don’t rely on it!)

Interestingly, garnet is also believed to sharpen our perception of ourselves and others, helping us to see that little bit more clearly and maybe even “clairvoyantly.” As you might expect, self-confidence is a natural side-effect of the garnet crystal.

How Strong is Garnet?

Garnets are made out of tough stuff! In fact, they’re known for being the only material left behind when the going gets tough, meaning you’ll often find them alone – but never lonely! They weigh in at 6.5 to 7.5 on Moh’s scale, which may not seem like much until you hear that diamonds are a 10!

Garnets have this toughness to thank for as they find themselves sitting pretty (literally) in many jewelry pieces, from rings to earrings.

What is the Difference Between Garnet and Ruby?

If rubies and garnets were twins, rubies would be the bright and bubbly side while garnets have a little edge. That said, despite their vibrancy, Rubies are lined with flaws and inclusions, while garnet’s darker red hues are pristine. Also, when held to the light, garnets like to put on a little light show of their own, displaying a medley of green and orange hues among the band of rainbow colors if it’s a garnet.

Garnet Birthstone Meaning

Despite it all, perhaps most important among garnet’s list of achievements is its
position as the January birthstone. The garnet birthstone is highly-coveted for its diverse appearance, meaning those lucky enough to be born of the garnet birthstone month are never limited to just one color – they get to have their pick!

And that’s not the only delicious benefit to claiming garnet as your birthstone, it’s also said to open up a treasure chest brimming full of luck, love, good health, loyalty and friendship to those born under its month. Share some of it around, please?

And there you have it!

The glorious garnet exposed in all its glory. If now you’re eager to claim one garnet as your own, or better still, many woven together in the shape of beautiful wearable adornments, then we present our range of garnet jewelry to you! From a garnet birthstone necklace as a present to a chic pair of garnet earrings for yourself – it’s all waiting for you.

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