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Spreading Some Knowledge

What is Gold Filled?

Gold Filled jewelry is the latest introduction into the gold jewelry market.

Gold-filled is made from solid "Gold" and "filled" with other alloys.  Gold-filled wears like solid Gold because its outer surface is solid Gold. Electroplating is NOT a part of this process. Gold-filled is created by using heat and pressure to fuse a layer of Karat Gold to  copper, brass, or some other base metal.

How to take care of Gold Filled?

Gold filled jewelry is cared for in the same manner as other precious jewelry. The absolutely best thing you can do for your Gold Filled jewelry is to clean regularly using a little bit of warm water, and a soft cloth to dry and shine after.

Things to avoid with your jewelry

To maintain the beauty of your jewelry, whether it is gold filled or solid gold, salt water, chlorine (swimming pools) and all heavy detergents and cleaning agents should be avoided.

How to take care of gemstones? 

Gemstones are durable substances, still, they do need some care. Follow a few general rules and they'll last for generations while still looking brand new.

You can clean transparent gemstones by simply soaking them in water with a touch of soap. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the stone.

Never use an ultrasonic cleaner or ammonia for cleaning such opaque gemstones like lapis, turquoise, malachite or onyx. They should be wiped clean gently with a moist cloth. These gemstones can be porous and may absorb chemicals, even soap, which may build up inside the stone and discolor it.

Organic gems like pearls, coral, and amber should only be wiped clean with a moist cloth. Due to their organic nature, these gems are both soft and porous. Be careful about chemicals in hairspray, cosmetics, or perfume: they can, over time, damage pearls in particular.

Conclusion: When in doubt always use a warm moist cloth.