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Mixing Silver & Gold

JewelryCyntia KozakComment

"You Shall not mix Silver & Gold" - Really? NOPE! This is just an old myth! 

This is by far one of the oldest myths in the fashion world, one that goes along with "Don't mix black and brown ", "don't wear white in winter," or the worst one of all, "always match your shoes, belt and bag". 

We here at KOZAKH love how gold and silver look together, and of course we try to incorporate this idea into our jewelry designs!  It is almost a fact that owning a couple pieces that have these two colors will not only simplify your life when it come to accessorizing your look, but it will also give a modern and fashion forward look to your outfit. 

The idea of mixing Gold and Silver is not only exclusive to the fashion world, in fact you can also  find this great combination in home decoration, art, prints, clothing and jewelry!

Here is a selection of our favorite jewelry design mixing Gold and Silver!